Industrial Division

  • Japan

    Manufacturer of Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines, Conduit Machines, Pipe Saws, Band Saws, Drain Cleaners, Welding & Soldering Equipment

  • Italy

    Manufacturer of Industrial Light, Medium, Heavy Oil and Gas Burners

  • Germany

    Industrial Pipe & Drain Cleaning Machines, Power Threaders, Diamond Core Drilling Machines and Tube Benders

  • Japan

    Manufacturer of Electric Bar Benders, Hydraulic Bar Cutters and Punchers

  • USA

    Air Cond / Refrigerant Recovery Equipment

  • USA

    Manufacturer of Pipe Grooving Machines

  • Spain

    Manual Pipe Threaders, Pipe Tools and Hinged Cutters

  • China

    Pipe Grooving, Cutting, Bending and Hole Drilling Machines

  • China

    Pipe Grooving Machines, Locking Seam Formers, Thread-Rolling Machines, Pipe Cutters

  • USA

    Hinged / Rotary Cutters, Cutter Wheels, Pipe Tools

  • Denmark

    Cold / Hot Water / Steam High Pressure Industrial Cleaners

  • Korea

    Rebar Benders And Cutters